Eccentric Bolts

Eccentric Bolts for Undisclosed Defense Project

Hi-Tech machined speciality bolts which required multiple off-center cuts and turns (versus straight cuts and turns) to meet spec requirements.

A range of alternate lathe and milling combinations, using extra materials and multiple test runs, were explored by the team’s most experienced programmers and machinists to identify the right machining operations for this part versus a standard bolt.

Diagram 1.
Hex-head schematic.
Diagram 2.
Lateral view.

Adding further complexity, the PO for this part was cancelled and then reinstated in the middle of the work, and over the span of 5 days, requiring the team to dynamically shift schedule and priorities to still meet the same delivery date.

Key Info

  • Production time: 4 weeks
  • Units produced: 4
  • Machine engaged: ST30,
  • VF5 (including 4th axis rotary)
Diagram 3.
3D rendition of finished part.
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