HTE Expands Capacity At Camarillo Facility

Hi-Tech Engineering added two new CNC machines to our Camarillo facility, a Haas VF-5SS with 5-axis trunnion, and a Haas’ ST-25 CNC lathe.

The VF-5SS machine has a high-performance super-speed vertical machining center that supports high spindle speeds, fast rapids, and quick tool changes for high-volume production with reduced cycle times. It features a 12,000-rpm, inline direct-drive spindle, an ultra-fast side-mount tool changer, and high-speed rapids on all axes.

The fully redesigned ST-25 CNC lathe includes new castings which are more compact and rigid, increased z-axis travel, better loading ergonomics, and an increased wedge angle (from 45 to 55 degrees).

Both machines will enable our team to support higher capacity, with superior performance and faster production times.

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